Morley & Mike, Again! Skaneatles Sport The Dress Session!

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You may remember the images from Morley & Mike’s wedding at the Genesee Grande in Syracuse back in June and I hope that you enjoy these photographs just as much as those!  One of the most difficult things about scheduling a wedding day is caring for the needs of all of your guests along with balancing the time requirements of your venue, and building in the time for all of the photographs that you want.  This problem is not unique to any wedding but there is a solution and Morley & Mike took advantage of it!  The solution… the Sport The Dress session!  This special session allows you to spend your wedding day with the people you love and then, in a relaxed setting, at another date and time, get all of the awesome bride and groom portraits that you want!  The real advantage here is that we aren’t pressed for time, everyone is relaxed, and we can find some great locations and great light!
For this Sport The Dress session Morley & Mike decided to head back to Skaneatles, the scene of their engagement photos!
I am so happy with how these turned out but above that the best part about this session was the chance to hang out with such a great couple again!
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  1. Kristen Stuart

    Hard to pick a favorite as they are all so incredible. The photo’s really bring out the love between Morley and Mike. One thing I also notice is that they have both been blessed with such incredible eyes – his so blue and hers so big and gorgeous.

  2. Glenda Clark

    Wow beautiful pictures, so grown up!!!! Loved every one of them

  3. Kathy Ramsey

    Oh my goodness….now I have seen blue eyes before but his are mesmorizing.
    She is drop dead gorgeous!!!!
    For the photography to catch his magnificent eyes, and her stunning magnificence….these guys are GOOD.
    Oh for the love of a newlywed. Sigh! (caught in what will be a marvelous wedding book, to be enjoyed from now and forever!)

  4. Lisa smith

    These are great pictures Chris. Thank you for working so hard. It was wonderful working with you!

    • Chris

      Thanks Lisa! It was a pleasure for me as well!

  5. Jim Ramsey

    Being a bit of a photography nut (black and white-own dark room – roll own film) the people who did this work get 10 thumbs up. They switched up the center focus from the bride and groom so nicely (but hey they had such great subjects to work with)). Great Job! Jim

    • Chris

      Thanks so much Jim!

  6. Geoff Ramsey

    The first picture needs to be in a bridal magazine. His blue eyes and her blue shoes-perfect!