Nicole & Eric! Turning Stone Wedding

Syracuse Wedding

Ok! Lot’s of photos to share from the wedding of Nicole and Eric at the Turning Stone Casino & the First Baptist Church in Oneida! Nicole got ready at The Lodge at Turning Stone and then we headed out to the church for the ceremony and then back to Turning Stone for the wonderful reception at the Shenandoah Clubhouse. Check out the photographs, vote for your favorite and leave a comments to let Nicole and Eric know what you think!

bride's dress at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride's flowers at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride's shoes at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride on balcony at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride portrait at The Lodge at Turning Stone bride laughing at The Lodge at Turning Stone groom portrait groom's details groom watching bride walk down the aisle father walking bride down aisle wedding vows child in wedding ceremony first kiss for bride and groom bride and groom at the Lodge at Turning Stone wedding photo at Turning Stone Resort wedding photograph at Turning Stone Casino reception table details reception centerpiece Shenandoah Clubhouse at Turning Stone first dance at Shenandoah Clubhouse first dance at Turning Stone cake cutting at wedding reception father-daughter dance at wedding reception mother-son dance at Turning Stone bride and groom dancing wedding reception dancing girl dancing at wedding bride's maid dancing at wedding reception couple dancing at wedding reception bride's maid at Shenandoah Clubhouse dancing at Turning Stone groom dancing father being carried at wedding reception couple dancing at wedding bride at wedding recption parents dancing at wedding wedding reception dancing
bouquet toss at Turning Stone catching the bouquet at Turning Stone Casino

wedding favor


  1. Jessie

    Love them all so much !!

  2. Kathy Biondo

    The photos of Eric and Nicole’s wedding say it all.. that they are the happiest newly wedded couple ever.. I really enjoyed the wedding event from the ceremony to the dining, dancing and final good night.. They had wonderful photographers capturing some great moments that will always be cherished by the families and friend.
    kathy b.

  3. Felicia

    Wow, these photos are abosutely amazing! Had such a great time! ūüėÄ

  4. Barbara Crabtree

    Can’t believe it is over! Sooo much fun!

  5. Patti

    Nicole and Eric, Loved all the pictures , they were fabulous and i love you both …

  6. lauren berie

    So beautiful totally captured the night!

  7. Donna Prentice

    This was a fantastic event and the pictures are all totally awesome. Just like the bride and groom

  8. jack

    Beautiful picutres, very nice! Nocole would make you take back things you never stolen.

  9. Cindy Schorer

    What a beautiful couple.

  10. Michael F.

    Absoultly stunning, beautiful couple, beautiful dress’s and color’s.

  11. JJ Furness :]

    Amazingly Gorgeous you two!!!

  12. Sharon DeVuyst

    Very beautiful wedding. A very proud moment for all and best wishes to the happy couple.

  13. Lauren O'Rourke

    Great photos you guys looked great and the wedding was a blast! This photographer is terrific good work!

  14. Aline

    Only One Word to Discribe it All “Amazing” !!!

  15. Lauren

    These are so beautiful! You look gorgeous! I love the black and white shots!

  16. Earl

    Great Pics and a Fun Reception too.

  17. Casey

    Great pictures and beautiful couple!

  18. Scott R

    Great pictures! Wish we could have made the wedding.

  19. Britt

    Awesome pictures!! Such a great time!!

  20. David

    Nice pictures. Glad Britty showed me how to see this!

  21. bryan

    awesome pics nicole!! had a great time at the wedding : )

  22. Brittany

    Great pictures and an awesome wedding!!!

  23. Robert Jr

    Had such a great time, so glad I got to come!

  24. Bernadette

    The pictures are fantastic! Such an amazing day with wonderful people.

  25. Joshua

    I had such a good time that night! I’m so happy for you two, it was one of the best weddings/receptions i’ve ever been to! Congratulations!

  26. Andrea Giroux

    beautiful pictures from a beautiful day of a beautiful couple!

  27. Ron Bess

    The pictures are awesome, the two of you make a beautiful couple. Love Uncle Ron

  28. Bill Brown

    Great pictures. Nicole, your mom is so proud of you.

  29. Dave Christensen

    Really nice pix

  30. Bruce Benson

    this looks nice. pictures are beautiful

  31. Gregg

    The pictures were beautiful, congratulations to the both of you

  32. Gary

    Picture were lovely
    What a lovely day for a lovely couple

  33. Rose Thompson

    Very beautiful. Nicole you made a beautiful bride and your husband is very good looking. Nice pictures

  34. Mary Perrone

    Very very nice

  35. Ann McMillin

    Wish I could have been there, very nice

  36. Cindy

    Pictures were great and you two make a beautiful couple

  37. Jim

    All the picutes were perfect.Congratulations to the happy couple

  38. Gerry

    Nicole and Eric, What nice pictures and what a nice day it was .

  39. Jose

    the whole day was beautiful , Congratulations to you both.

  40. Bill

    Great wedding, reception and pictures. You sure did it up right!

  41. Dorothy

    It was one of the nicest weddings I have ever been to. Very nice

  42. Ashton

    Really nice Aunt Nicole. You looked pretty

  43. jack

    Enjoyed every minute of it

  44. Katie Prentice Balogh

    Nicole looks gorgeous! Loved seeing photos of your special day!! Congratulations to Nicole & Eric!

  45. Bob Riter

    Nicole And Eric, Your mom and I are very happy for the two of you .
    We had a wonderful day. Congratulations to you both

  46. Wendy D.

    WOW. great pictures!!

  47. Patti

    I had heard how beautiful you both were and it is a fact. Congratulations on your big day

  48. Suzanne Kullman

    Nicole and Eric, you two looked amazing and so much in love. Awesome wedding and great pictures. Cant wait to see the rest of them!

  49. Jennie Grass

    What beautiful pictures!!! It was sooo hard to pick a favorite. I wish you many many years of happiness!

  50. LuAnn Garlock

    Looks like everyone had a good time. Still cant believe Eric who I use to babysit got married. Congratulations.

  51. Bethany Mccurry


  52. Deb

    Great pictures of a beautiful wedding!

  53. mike

    brings back memories of a great wedding. great pictures.

  54. Glenn

    I love you Aunt Nicole

  55. Christine

    Simply beauuutifulll! What a perfect wedding!! xoxo

  56. michelle clark

    sooo pretty!!! i love u guys