Kate & Adam! Genesee Grande Hotel Wedding

Syracuse Wedding

Kate and Adam had the perfect fall day for their Genesee Grande wedding and I don’t think that it was a coincidence!  I originally met Kate because I photographed the wedding of her friend, Kelly, last year on the same weekend in October, which was also a perfect fall day!  We started off our day at the awesome Genesee Grande Hotel where Kate and her 8 (yes eight!) bride’s maids prepared for the big day!  Then, we headed over to the beautiful St. Cecelia’s Church in Solvay for the ceremony.  At the completion of the ceremony we drove back over to the Syracuse University area for some photos at Thornden Park and the finished up back at The Genesee Grande for the great reception which included a TON (well, I’m told it may have only been three car loads) of home made cookies!  Enjoy the photos and be sure to leave a comment for Kate & Adam along with voting for your favorite image!
bride prepares at Genesee Grande Hotel
Bride portrait at Genesee Grande Hotel
St. Cecelia's Church
Bride and groom in wedding ceremony
first kiss at St. Cecelia's Church
wedding photography at Thornden Park
bride and groom portrait at Thornden Park
bride and groom photo at Thornden Park
Thornden Park wedding
bride at Genesee Grande
wedding photograph at Genesee Grande Mayflower
wedding cake top
first dance at Genesee Grande Hotel
father and daughter dance at wedding reception
mother and son dance at wedding reception
bride dances at wedding reception
Genesee Grande wedding reception
wedding photograph outside Genesee Grande Hotel


  1. Abbie

    Amazing photos! What a beautiful day and beautiful bride!!! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Nicole Gialto

    They are all so beautiful it was hard to pick a favorite!

  3. Lorrie Deapo

    What amazing pictures! Beautiful couple!

  4. Ginnine

    Beautiful Pictures…so exciting!

  5. Kelly Destefano

    The pictures are beautiful, looking forward to seeing the rest of them.

  6. Auntie

    Great pictures.. All of them are my favorite.

  7. Kristin Ascioti

    Beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful people!!

  8. Lucille

    What a wonderful day! I am so happy for you both. Thank-you for sharing! May God fill your lives with His greatest blessings.!

  9. Karen

    Simply amazing!! You looked gorgeous Kate!!

  10. Shawnnah

    Gorgeous couple, gorgeous wedding and gorgeous photos!!!!!

  11. Carolyn

    So Gorgeous! You look so truly filled with love!!

  12. Beth

    Love them all!!!

  13. jill

    kate i love your pictures they are so beautiful!!!

  14. Brian

    Congrats!! Verrrry Snazzzzyyyy….love the sunflowers 😉

  15. The other Lucille

    Amazing!!! (What more can be said??)

  16. Doreen

    These photos are unique, artsy, and interesting. I love the black and white of Kate looking out the door…. So many were beautiful (as was the bride…Adam was handsome too!) that it was hard to select just one favorite.

  17. Eileen

    They are all beautiful, gorgeous dress.

  18. Uncle Den

    Kate and Adam
    The photos are great and do justice to the whole event. We all had a wonderful time at the reception, especially Mikayla and Natalie.

  19. Stan Serlin

    It was hard to make a first choice, with all the great photos.. It would have been easier to select my top five pictures.

  20. Amanda

    As the president of Beta Alpha Epsilon, I declare these are the most beautiful wedding pictures. The lighting, architectual appreciation and artisic flair captures the very essense of the day–Kate and Adam’s love! Long Live BAE and the DeStefano’s! (Thank you, Beth Brown for your guidance and assistance while writing this comment!)

  21. Josie

    They are all so beautiful it is really hard to pick just one. Congradulation Kate and Adam.

  22. Maria

    Kate and Adam, You are a beautiful couple! These pictures are breath taking…congratulations to you both. 🙂

  23. Andrea Dowling

    Awesome pictures Kate!! You looked so beautiful….Congrats:)

  24. Kim

    Simply gorgeous! Congrats Kate… what fabulous pictures you have to remember your wedding day!

  25. Dave


  26. Chuck

    Great pics

  27. Eileen

    Stunning pictures!!! Congratulations to you and Adam!!!

  28. Pam

    It was very hard to pick just one! Congrats again to you both and may God bless your marriage!

  29. Nancy Kreis

    Spectacular pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Barbara Smith

    These are spectacular pictures! What a beautiful display.

  31. Rick K

    Wow! Great photos – I like the diversity of color, angles, and composition. Nice!

  32. dave kreis

    you look fantastic!

  33. Debbie

    Beautiful pictures. What a wonderful wedding and reception. A beautiful day!

  34. Sue Hayes

    Katie! Wow! Soooooo gorgeous!!! Loved the dress!
    Great pics…how enjoyable to look at!
    Love ya xxxooo

    • kate

      I never would have know how great of a place the Genesee Grande was without you!!!
      Two great days of memories!!!

  35. Jaime

    Kate you look absolutely gorgeous! The pictures are beautiful, I love them all!

  36. Beth

    Love the pictures…..particularly the one from “behind”!

  37. Susan Jacobson

    Kate, I love how awesome you look! The black and whites are amazing! Love ya sue

  38. Manny


  39. Jake

    Awesome pics!

  40. chris ball

    One of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen

  41. Elaine

    Fabulous, Beautiful, Wonderful!…not just the photos, but also my son & new daughter (“in-law”)..love you both so much!!!

  42. Anthony

    What a perfect day and reception for the perfect couple. If you didn’t have fun at the Genesee Grande, it was your own fault!!!

  43. Brandi DeLucia

    Beautiful Beautiful pictures! We are so happy for you! Thank You for sharing your pictures with your family in Arizona! 🙂

  44. Theresa

    DANG Kate, you’re such a hottie! These pictures are awesome… they’re so creative!

  45. Andrea

    The pictures look amazing. So sad I couldn’t be there to share in your special day. xoxo

    • kate

      MOVE HOME ANDREA!!!!!!!!

  46. Kathy

    Such an amazing day! Great photos…

  47. Lori

    Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! To many, many happy years!

  48. Paula

    Absolutely awesome pictures!!

  49. Aunt Jovine

    Kate and Adam.
    The photos are great, the wedding and reception were wonderful.

  50. Kevin

    Nice pics

  51. Nate

    Sweet pictures 🙂 ..#swag

  52. Manny

    Great pictures. Can’t wait until I see the rest

  53. Kristen

    All the pictures look beautiful!! Cant wait to see all the other ones!!

  54. Adriana

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  55. Nicole

    So beautiful! Love them all!!!

  56. Melissa

    Stunning! I am so happy for you both!


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