Anyela’s Winery Wedding Reception – Kristin & Josef!

Syracuse Wedding

It was a joy to be a part of Kristin & Joe’s wedding reception at Anyela’s Vineyards and Winery in Skaneateles!   That’s right, just the reception!  Kristin & Joe took the trip out to Hawaii a few weeks ago for their wedding so they did a full on reception back here in CNY for their friends and family! If they look familiar you may have seen photos from their engagement session out at Marcellus Park.  Be sure to vote for your favorite image and then leave a comment below to let Kristin & Josef know what you think!





Speaking of their engagement session, here’s their guest signing book on display for their guests to leave notes in!  What a great way to connect with the wedding guests!

These guys were enjoying the reception like rockstars out in the beautiful sunshine along Skaneateles Lake!








I couldn’t resist sharing this photo!  My favorite dessert, key lime pie!  Kristin & Joe had a huge selection of different desserts and although I didn’t take any, this one still has my mouth watering!



  1. Carol Lee Misztal

    Of course, I picked the parents’ dance because that is so special to me! You captured the genuine joy of the moment!!!

  2. Rachel Misztal

    I loved the dance as well but the black and white one of the two of you is AWESOME!!

    • Chris

      Rachel, thanks for liking the black and white! One of my favorites too because I always try to do something a little different each wedding!

  3. Colleen osterman

    Love love! Everything is soooo beautiful!

  4. Mom

    My favorite is the first one in the flower garden. It is such a beautiful setting and Kristin and Joe look fantastic. Just a beautiful picture.

    • Chris

      I’m so glad you are enjoying the photos!

  5. Dad

    I voted for the second picture. However, every picture with Kristin and Joe in it is GREAT!!!!
    What a beautiful couple!!!! Dad

  6. Maria

    I love the black and white one. You two look so happy and it is not a typical wedding picture shot. I also like the one of the two of you by the grape leaves…beautiful colors! And…the one of you and Joe dancing…my parents are in the background…lol

  7. Teta JoAnn & Uncle Richie

    We both loved the first picture. Kristin and Joe look so happy and the background adds to the beautiful day. Teta JoAnn & Uncle Richie

  8. Ring Bearer

    I voted for the first one cause I like the way Joes tie is accented by the beautiful skyline.

  9. Aunt Karen

    I thought they were all beautiful. Especially liked the one in the flower garden.

  10. Susan

    I love the picture of Kristin dancing with her Dad. Laddie looks so happy and proud of his beautiful daughter.

  11. Margaret A.

    Lovely photos, I especiallylike the one by the barn. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Rudina Richter

    Congrats and Mazel Tov!! Sorry I’m late to the party, but the pictures are beautiful. Wishing you both all the best. Peace – Rudina