Syracuse Wedding Photographers at Fenimore Art Museum Wedding – Gillian & Tore!

Cooperstown Wedding

Photography by Syracuse Wedding Photographers – The Story Photography
Venue – Fenimore Art Museum & Farmers’ Museum
Can you believe that this was my very first time to Cooperstown?  Yeah, well I’m not much of a baseball fanatic so I never had much reason to go before!  Little did I know, I was missing out on some of the best scenery in New York!  Gillian & Tore planned this wonderful Fenimore Art Museum wedding with their reception at the Louis C. Jones Center in the Farmers’ Museum.

fenimore art museum terrace wedding


program & fans for summer cooperstown wedding


groom before wedding at fenimore museum


groom's first look at his bride in cooperstown


bride portrait in cooperstown at fenimore museum by Syracuse Wedding Photographers


bride and groom portrait in cooperstown


bride and groom on otsego lake in cooperstown by Syracuse Wedding photographers


bride and groom portrait at fenimore art museum on otsego lake


bride getting ready at fenimore art museum


Now that right there is how you rock an outdoor wedding!  I love being on the lookout for the little details even amongst the guests.

guests at fenimore art museum wedding


wedding ceremony at fenimore museum


wedding ring exchange on otsego lake, cooperstown


wedding photo on cell phone by Syracuse Wedding Photographers


birdseed throwing at fenimore museum wedding


farmers' museum wedding reception


diy wedding cake


bridal party on new york state carousel


first dance at Louis C. Jones Center


first dance at cooperstown, ny wedding reception

I loved Tore’s reactions to his new father-in-law’s speech!

wedding speech responses at Farmers' museum


father's speech at farmers' museum


parents' dance at farmers' museum


parent dance at farmers' museum

wedding guests dancing at farmers' museum receptionbride and groom kissing at cooperstown wedding

OK, now that you’ve seen the photos I’m going to let you in on a little secret…
Gillian was the one who decorated the reception hall… Gillian was the one who did the floral arrangements… Gillian was the one who made the cake… Take another look at the shot of the entire room.  OK, now that you’ve done that you will remember that there were little orange boxes with pink bows at each place setting, inside those boxes were mini-cakes for each and every guest, and they were made by Gillian too!  I’m probably forgetting a bunch of other stuff that she did too!
Gillian, thanks for being such a wonderfully resourceful and crafty bride but most of all, thank you for doing it with such grace!


  1. Marlene Haugse

    Beautiful pictures with a beautiful, photogenic bride!!

  2. Mary Knudsen

    It is so fun to see the pictures of the most wonderful time in our son’s life!! Gillian is a fabulous addition to our family. Jerry and I have been blessed with sons who brought us wonderful daughters!! The pictures are fabulous!
    Mom and Dad Knudsen (Jerry and Mary)

  3. Beth Knudsen

    This was the most colorful and hand-crafted wedding I have ever attended and the relationships between the wedding party and Tore & Gillian are very touching. I am looking forward to many, many years with a new sis! 🙂

  4. Jessie Joseph

    Absolutely beautiful!! So happy for you both!

  5. Joy Lavik

    Couldn’t be more proud of you both! Only complaint, that it all flew by too quickly. ove the photos and can’t wait to see more!

  6. Zoe Ann Healy

    Beautiful bride, beautiful dress, beautiful location!

  7. Pat Bye

    What a beautiful wedding and location, so happy for both families!! Mary great picture with your Tore!!

  8. Joan Welke

    Looks like we missed a great wedding and beautiful bride.

  9. Sandy Wurgler

    I sooooooo wanted to be there…Everything was so lovely and so were you (Tore, you were lovely too). Wish you both the best in your life together…Can’t wait to see you guys again. we come.

  10. Sandy Brossart

    Awesome is the word!!! What a wonderful and beautiful wedding!! Gillian your talents continue on and on–congrats and best of wishes in your married life!! You were an absolute stunning bride!!

  11. Hilary Reader

    I am so glad I could be there on this wonderful occasion. These gorgeous photos capture the whole event so beautifully. Gillian, I am sure all your efforts for the big day in fact made it even more memorable when you saw how everyone enjoyed the event with you both.

  12. Stacie Metelmann

    Oh Gillian and Tore,
    The photos depict the joy and beauty of the day so naturally! I so wish I could have been there, but thank you for sharing your site so that I could form a memory of a beautiful day!

  13. Bernard Fryer

    Beautiful location, & beautiful bride. Pictures are great – spotted Hilary too! So sorry we could not be there. Love to all. Bernard & Heather many miles away!!

  14. Fairy Bosley

    We had a wedding in our family that same day. Gillian was a beautiful bride and the wedding setting was picturesque!

  15. Auntie Beth

    Ahhh, a comment…a stunningly beautiful day, an amazingly beautiful wedding, a very congenial and happy groom, and the most special and gorgeous bride. So pleased to have been invited and still pinching myself to know I was there! Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures! I love them ALL!!! Thought the one with Tore and Andrew rushing was a hoot, but had to pick the one with G and her lip pencil as my fav! Just too beautiful! Love always! Auntie B


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