Holy Cross Dewitt & Traditions Wedding Photography!

Syracuse Wedding

bride at urgent careThis wedding day was… interesting 🙂  I’ve never given out “awards” on this blog before but this bride gets a couple of them in this blog post!  First up, I need to apologize to all of my other 2013 brides, you may be as tough, but none of you had to prove it like she did!  On the day of the wedding, in the early hours of the morning, she made her way to urgent care to avoid dehydration on her wedding day!  You would have never known though, she was overflowing with grace and patience for all of her friends and family the entire day!  So, here’s the award for toughest bride of 2013!

Here’s one of her bridesmaids showing off the early wedding day fashion.  (Don’t worry, I received permission to post!)


Flowers by Westcott Florist, Dress by Justin Alexander from Rebecca’s Bridal Boutique


What do you think of those bridal shoes?  Awesome, right?  The jury is still out on the award for coolest shoes since the wedding season isn’t over yet but these are certainly in the running!

Hair & makeup by Fringe Salon in Fayetteville.bride portrait before wedding at holy cross dewitt

What a moment, reading the letter that her groom wrote to her for their wedding day!
traditions-wedding-reception-6 My second photographer for the day, Amy, got to hang out with the guys before the ceremony and she made this great shot of the guys heading on their short walk to Holy Cross Dewitt for the wedding ceremony!traditions-wedding-reception-5 traditions-wedding-reception-7 traditions-wedding-reception-9 traditions-wedding-reception-8

Now, if you follow this blog at all you’ll quickly realize that I purposefully don’t show bridal party photographs, but there always has to be an exception to the rule, right?  Can I give an award for largest most number of people in a wedding party in 2013?  Sure I can and here it is!

After the wedding ceremony, we went to Traditions at The Links at Erie Village for the wedding reception and that’s where we did the couple’s portraits too!traditions-wedding-reception-12 traditions-wedding-reception-13 traditions-wedding-reception-14

Yeah, it rained a little on the wedding day but that didn’t stop these two!traditions-wedding-reception-16 traditions-wedding-reception-17traditions-wedding-reception-20 traditions-wedding-reception-19 traditions-wedding-reception-22 traditions-wedding-reception-25 traditions-wedding-reception-26 traditions-wedding-reception-27 traditions-wedding-reception-23 traditions-wedding-reception-30 traditions-wedding-reception-28 traditions-wedding-reception-29