Darcie & Bob’s Four Seasons Nevis Wedding, The Day After

Caribbean Wedding

You can check out Bob & Darcie’s wedding at Four Seasons Nevis here or check out their Golden Rock Inn wedding rehearsal dinner here!
The day after Darcie & Bob’s wedding at Four Seasons Nevis turned out to be a day full of relaxation and fun!  All of the guests were invited out on the Spirit of St. Kitts, a 78′ catamaran, for an afternoon of sailing from the Four Seasons Nevis and water fun in a protected bay on the Caribbean side of St. Kitts.four-seasons-nevis-wedding-79 Bob’s friend Pete has a knack for making new friends, in this case he steps up to question the crew members on the proper use of the life vest. four-seasons-nevis-wedding-81 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-83 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-85 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-86 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-88 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-90 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-91 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-92 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-95 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-96 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-97 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-98 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-99 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-100 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-101 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-103 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-106 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-107 …and then we were back to the Four Seasons for a couple hours to relax a little more before…four-seasons-nevis-wedding-108…Darcie and Bob’s day after the wedding photography session!
four-seasons-nevis-wedding-113 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-114 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-115 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-116 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-118 Then it was time to do something memorable.  Trashing the dress in the Caribbean Sea!four-seasons-nevis-wedding-119 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-120 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-121 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-122 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-123 The only reasonable way to make sure that all of that salt and sand were out of the dress for the tip home was some fun in the pool!four-seasons-nevis-wedding-124 four-seasons-nevis-wedding-126 That’s it for this wedding!  It’s time to say goodbye to St. Kitts & Nevis, for now… I’ve already promised myself that I’ll be back! (This is the southern end of St. Kitts with Nevis in the distance.)four-seasons-nevis-wedding-127