Summer Morning – Why I Love This Photo

Why I Love This Photo

In this new series of images that I will be blogging, Why I Love This Photo, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite photos and sharing a little bit of why I love them (like you couldn’t figure that out! 🙂 )
For this first image in the series I’ve decided to share a wedding image that doesn’t even include the bride or groom!  This photo was made at Alex & Rob’s pre-wedding day brunch in Fayetteville.
I love this photo because of the perfect light on the woman on the bench combined with her elegant look and form in contrast to the relaxed look and form of the guitar player.  There is also the contrast of the red of the young man’s shirt and the green of the woman’s dress.  Most of all what I love about this photos is that warm summer morning feel of being completely relaxed prior to the wedding!
Candid moment from Fayettevill, NY Wedding brunch