Melanie & Pat’s Turning Stone Wedding!

Syracuse Wedding

Melanie and Pat each began their wedding day at Turning Stone Casino’s Lodge where they got ready in their own way before the wedding ceremony on the Great Lawn behind The Lodge.  The entire group, including Melanie & Pat were so relaxed and just ready to enjoy the day!
Melanie and the women had the help of Ashley and the team from Ashley Hansen’s Beauty Nation on hair and makeup! Ashley’s team did such a wonderful job and they were finished ahead of schedule!turning-stone-wedding-01 The pride in the eyes of Melanie’s mother couldn’t be any more apparent!turning-stone-wedding-02 turning-stone-wedding-03 turning-stone-wedding-04 turning-stone-wedding-05 turning-stone-wedding-06 What a moment between father and daughter on the wedding day and thank goodness for good makeup!turning-stone-wedding-08 turning-stone-wedding-09 turning-stone-wedding-10 turning-stone-wedding-11 turning-stone-wedding-12 turning-stone-wedding-13 turning-stone-wedding-14 turning-stone-wedding-15 turning-stone-wedding-16 turning-stone-wedding-17 turning-stone-wedding-18 turning-stone-wedding-19 turning-stone-wedding-20 turning-stone-wedding-21 turning-stone-wedding-22 turning-stone-wedding-23 turning-stone-wedding-24 turning-stone-wedding-25 turning-stone-wedding-26 turning-stone-wedding-27 turning-stone-wedding-28 turning-stone-wedding-29 turning-stone-wedding-30 Melanie & Pat finished off their day with the reception at the Cypress Room at Turning Stone where Visa Versa Entertainment made sure everyone had a great time celebrating the wedding!turning-stone-wedding-31 turning-stone-wedding-32 turning-stone-wedding-33 turning-stone-wedding-34 turning-stone-wedding-35 turning-stone-wedding-36 Poor kid!turning-stone-wedding-37 turning-stone-wedding-38 turning-stone-wedding-39 turning-stone-wedding-40 turning-stone-wedding-41 turning-stone-wedding-42 turning-stone-wedding-43


  1. Amy Baldwin Russett

    Beautiful pics!!! I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to enjoy your special day with both of you!!!! So happy for you both. Love.

  2. Laurel Eveleigh

    What a stunning bride, handsome groom and glorious day!

  3. Sherrie Metcalf-Paddock

    Absolutely stunning bride you have pat! I’m so happy you finally found the woman who make your life complete. I wish both of you the very best in this journey together ♡