Morgan & Nick’s 1000 Islands Wedding!

Thousand Islands Wedding

Morgan & Nick were on pins and needles awaiting their wedding in the Thousand Islands because of the weather forecast and their plans for an outdoor ceremony at Thousand Island Park on Wellesley Island and their plans to ride back to the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel on an antique boat!  Although it did rain quite a bit on the morning of the wedding day, plans were made ahead of time to have the ceremony under the cover of the building on the dock at the park.  However, the weather did clear up and there was no need for umbrellas and Morgan & Nick’s dream of their wedding day boat ride remained!
Morgan and the ladies spent the morning getting ready at The Wooden Boat Inn in Clayton.1000-islands-harbor-wedding-01 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-02 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-03 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-05 In this little moment below, Morgan’s mother is simply enjoying watching her very own wedding veil be placed on her daughter by her other daughter!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-06 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-07 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-08 When we arrived to T.I. Park, Nick was able to open up and read a card that Morgan had sent over for him to read before the wedding ceremony!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-09 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-10 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-11 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-12 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-13 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-14 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-15 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-16 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-17 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-18 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-19 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-20 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-21 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-22 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-23 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-24 I loved this emotional moment between Nick & his sister during the boat ride from Wellesley to Clayton!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-25 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-26 Finally, we were at the 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel wedding reception where it was time to party!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-27 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-28 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-29 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-30 Morgan’s sister dropped a BIG bit of fun and entertainment for everyone when she rapped part of her toast to Morgan & Nick to the tune of the Fresh Prince theme song!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-31 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-32 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-34 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-35 100
0-islands-harbor-wedding-36 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-37 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-38 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-39 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-40 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-41 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-42 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-43 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-44 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-45 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-46 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-47 To finish off the night, Morgan was able to dance with her grandmother!  What a moment!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-48 Then, it was time for the after party at O’Brien’s, right across the street from the hotel.  Where there was plenty more fun to be had!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-49 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-50 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-51 1000-islands-harbor-wedding-52What a beautiful wedding Morgan & Nick!1000-islands-harbor-wedding-33


  1. Tracey Mariano

    Love love love ……I laughed and I cried ….. they are “marvelous ” ❤️❤️

    • The Story Photography

      Thanks Tracey! It really was a joy for me to be there and the rest of the “story” will be coming soon! 😉

    • Tracey Mariano

      The Story Photography …..can’t wait !!!

  2. Linda Rigabar

    Amazing pictures of a truly beautiful wedding!