Leanne & Jason’s East Syracuse Wedding Photography!

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Leanne & Jason know how to roll with what comes.  Their wedding day was cold, wet from down pouring rain, and windy BUT that didn’t stop the warmth of their love and the love of their friends & family from shining through!
The day started off with Jason getting ready at the Residence Inn in East Syracuse.east-syracuse-wedding-photos-1 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-2 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-3 I loved this special gift that Leanne sent over to Jason!  A hand made scrapbook of the history of their relationship!
east-syracuse-wedding-photos-4 Leanne was able to get ready at her mother’s home with the help of Ashley Hansen’s Beauty Nation.east-syracuse-wedding-photos-5 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-6 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-7 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-8 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-9 Staying right in East Syracuse, next up was the wedding ceremony at St. Matthew’s Church.east-syracuse-wedding-photos-11 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-12 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-13 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-14 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-15 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-16 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-17 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-18 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-19 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-20 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-21 If you follow along on the blog here you may remember seeing Wolff’s Biergarten!  You got it, that engagement session was Leanne & Jason last winter!east-syracuse-wedding-photos-22 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-23 And we finished up with a few portraits at Justin’s Grill where the reception was taking place!east-syracuse-wedding-photos-24 Flowers by Westcott Florist.east-syracuse-wedding-photos-25 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-27 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-28 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-29 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-30 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-31 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-32 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-33 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-34 It’s always a special wedding day for me when I get to see past clients!  So great to see you Allison & Jeff!
east-syracuse-wedding-photos-35 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-36 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-37 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-38 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-39 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-40 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-41 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-42 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-43 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-44 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-45 east-syracuse-wedding-photos-46east-syracuse-wedding-photos-26