Changing Stories, One Life At A Time

Social Action

Today, March 22, is recognized as world water day and I’m proud to announce that this year The Story Photography is going to be donating a portion of every single booked session to blood:water mission.
The amazing this is that through blood:water mission, $1 = clean water for one African for a full year.  Let’s stop to comprehend that for a moment.  $1 changes the life story of one person, that’s all it takes to change someone’s direction in life.  Really though, what does clean water mean to a person, community, nation, continent?  Here are a few stats for you:

  • Every 20 seconds, a child dies from a water-related illness
  • Women spend 200 million hours a day collecting water each
  • About 780 million people lack access to clean water.  That’s about  2.5 times the population of the United States.

So, like I said.  The Story Photography is going to do something about that for as many people as we can.  Think about the change in a woman’s life if she were able to care for her children, maybe work to add to the family income, because she won’t have to spend hours a day collecting dirty water for her family.
Think about  how a child’s future will be impacted because they aren’t spending time out of school due to water born diseases.
The goal this year is to change the lives of 1,000 people.  Lofty goal, but I’m confident we can get there.
Do you know someone who would connect with my photography and connect with the goal of providing clean water in order to change the lives of a whole lot of people this year?  Pass along the word!